720°Hold'em, the ultimate tool for online Hold'em!

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720°Hold'em is no longer for sale, you can download the full version under "SUPPORT: Files".

This program is quite old and may be incompatible with some sites.


720°Hold'em is a Texas Hold'em Poker expert system. This software is the ultimate tool for playing Hold'em (fixed, pot-limit or no-limit) online.

Your decision to call, raise or fold pre-flop, on the flop and on the turn & river card must be based on several factors. Among the most important are:

  • Card knowledge / How good your cards are / Handstrength relative to n:o players
  • Your position
  • People knowledge / Tight-loose players / Your relative position to these
  • How much money you must invest / Amount to call / Potodds
  • Knowing the odds / Poker mathematics
  • The number of players in the hand
All of these (and more!) are available through this poker software, built to give the users an edge to their opponents.

OVERVIEW: Example screenshots in white (see "DETAILS" for more info)
Real-time statistics with potodds & draw odds/probabilities.
Calculating handstrength and thereby give probabilities of your opponents hands.
Keeps track of table & opponents statistics automatically via a text-capture function.
Detailed help for every distinct hand. (The example shows one (1) 2-pair combination.)
Real-time watchout with probabilities of what hands your opponents can have.
General information at every stage of the hand: Pre-Flop, Flop, Turn & River.
See exact odds according to number of outs.
Fully modifiable theory & strategy in order to customize it to your own personal taste.
Easy-to-use menu system.
Intuitive card input. The overall design is clear and informative but still compact.

720°Hold'em is filled with functions for the serious online player:

Real-time Odds & Probabilities:
Enter your cards and 720°Hold'em will calculate the odds & probabilities, compare them with the potodds and give a suggested play based on the settings you specify with the "Settings"-option.

Real-time Handstrength:
This is a function that gives you the opportunity to see how good your current hand is in relation to your opponents' hands. How large is the probability that your opponents can beat you? This function also calcultates a warning what they really could have, a watchout so to speak, that can alert you for the most likely hands.

Real-time Tracking of Opponent & Table Statistics:
The tracking function in 720°Hold'em gives you the opportunity to study your opponents play in detail and in real-time: you can see if he is playing loose or tight by analyzing his playing history, you can also see how much money he has invested in the current pot. It also gives you the opportunity to track the table and see if it is a loose or a tight table, and according to these facts choose the right setting with the "Settings"-option.

Detailed Information & Help on Every Hand Played:
You will receive distinct information for every stage of the hand (pre-flop, flop, turn & river). You will also receive distinct help for every sort of hand you can get (different combinations of pairs, two-pairs, trips etc.).

User Defined Options:
Define your own playing style after what sort of game you are in. You can modify everything, from the pre-flop pocket cards to what game info or help on every distinct hand you want to have.

Easy-To-Use Graphical Interface:
720°Hold'em uses a clear and easy-to-use graphical interface. Because of it's compact size everything is in reach and no unnecessary user input is needed, all in order to minimize time-consuming alerts & corrections.

Online Help:
Click "Website & Help" in the menu to get to this website & the help-pages. Learn some tips & tricks and read up on the features you haven't yet tried.

INFORMATION: System requirements, demo & purchasing

Things to consider when using, downloading demo or buying 720°Hold'em:

Pentium II PC or better with 10MB free diskspace.
Windows 98/ME/2000/NT/XP.
720°Hold'em is optimized for 1024*768 (or higher) in screen resolution.

Downloading Demo:
The demo has a session runtime of 15 minutes and an evaluation period of 30 days. All-in-all, this should be sufficient to enable you to "try it before you buy it" and you can give the software a test drive. Also, this file is in ZIP compressed format and contains the setup files. Choose to "Save" the ZIP file to disk when you download it and then use your favorite unzipping utility software to decompress it.

720°Hold'em costs $25. All online transactions are made through eSellerate and their secure online server. eSellerate protects your online transactions with the strongest standards of encryption (see more info here). eSellerate's Guaranteed Software Delivery (GSD) virtually eliminates failed online transactions.

DEMO: Versions available for download Version Limitations
720°Hold'em (10MB) 1.5 Time-limits
  • Template.xls: This is a template file over 720°Hold'em and it's inner structure with theory and strategy. This file is also a part of the demo of 720°Hold'em, but is listed here anyway as an extra resource for those who are interested. To download: right-click and choose "Save as...".
  • MDAC 2.71 SP1: This is a file containing the latest Data Access Components from Microsoft. 720°Hold'em uses this tool to fully access Excel elements. It also upgrades some needed system files on your computer. If you have Windows 2000 or higher, you probably do not need this file because you will more than likely already have a copy on your PC. If you experience any problems with the "Settings"-option, it is recommended that you install this file.
SUPPORT: Files available for download Version Limitations
Template.xls 1.0 None
Microsoft Data Access Components, MDAC 2.71 SP1 2.71 None
720°Hold'em (full version, install demo first) 1.5 None

Order 720°Hold'em here.

eSellerate is a full-featured web store with shopping cart system, and all major credit cards are accepted. All you have to do is go to the secured web store site with your web browser, fill out your personal and credit card information, then your registration will be processed and the software can be downloaded within minutes.

720°Hold'em, the .exe-file:
The file you can buy is an .exe-file (an executable file; the main program). To upgrade to the full version of 720°Hold'em you must install the demo-version first. Then you overwrite (exchange) the demo's .exe-file with the bought one. The demo's .exe-file will in most cases be found in the folder: "C:\Program\720Holdem\720Holdem.exe". If not, search your computer for "720Holdem.exe" and you will find the installed directory.

Abstract | Overview | Details | Information | Demo | Help | F.A.Q. | Order | Contact
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