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Q1: Who is 720°Hold'em for, a professional or a beginner?
A1: Given the fact that more or less everything in 720°Hold'em is modifiable by the user, everyone could use it. The default setting is for low-limit hold'em though, and in a sense less experienced players. But as I mentioned this could easily be modified by the more experienced user to suit his skill/experience a whole lot better.

Q2: Problems with the installation of:
Q2a: The demo.
Q2b: The full version (exe-file). I get "Error number: 76" all the time, what's wrong?
A2a: There can be a number of alerts and warnings, none that that can cause any problems to 720°Hold'em though. You may get a "Version Conflict"-box, telling you that the files in the installation are older than the files on your computer. If so, it is recommended to keep your existing files. The other way around is also possible: "Some files on your system are out of date". There is a workaround to this problem: Open the "Setup.lst"-file in a texteditor (Notepad) and edit it. Delete the row [Bootstrap files] and the 7 rows beneath it, then save "Setup.lst" and start the installation again, I'm not sure why this happens but you can read more here. Another possible installation problem can be the "Access Violation"-warning. This happens because other programs are opened during the installation. These programs could also use the violated file. In most cases though it is often quite sufficient to click "ignore". Also, when the installation is nearly done you may get a message box saying "An error occurred while registering the file 'C:\windows\system\msado21.tlb'". If you do, click "ignore". 720°Hold'em will NOT be less functional if any of these events were to happen.
A2b: The file you can buy is an .exe-file (an executable file; the main program). To perform an upgrade to the full version of 720°Hold'em you must have the demo-version installed. Then you overwrite (exchange) the demo's .exe-file with the bought one. The demo's .exe-file will in most cases be found in the folder: "C:\Program\720Holdem\720Holdem.exe". If not, search your computer for "720Holdem.exe" and you will find the installed directory.

Q3a: The five sites that can be selected to capture text from represented in 720°Hold'em, are they special in any way?
Q3b: What pokersites do 720°Hold'em support?
Q3c: I can't seem to get the text capture function to work, what's wrong?
A3a: The textual formatting in the textboxes on every site are (almost) all a little different. To cover all online poker sites and their distinct formatting would be a gigantic task, this said, the Party Poker text formatting style seems to be a very popular one. So if you're interested in some other site than the five represented in 720°Hold'em, try the different site-settings, maybe one will work! In time more sites will be supported.
A3b: Ladbrokes, Ultimate Bet, Party Poker, Empire Poker & Sunrise Poker.
A3c: Make sure you do it exactly like this:

    1. Start screen "Text capture"
    2. Minimize 720 main screen (not necessary of course, but will make it easier too see things)
    3. Choose the Poker Site you're playing on and your operating system, "Other" if run w2k, XP etc, and "98" if you run 98...
    4. Keep the mousepointer over the pokersite's textbox
    5. Make sure the "Text capture" screen is visible and that the "Start" button has got focus
    6. Press return

Q4a: When selecting a file from the "Settings"-window I keep getting not enough text (some of the text is "cut-off" when shown in the program) or no text at all?
Q4b: I can't seem to find my .xls-file in the "Settings"-window?

A4a: First of all, make sure you have Excel installed. Secondly, make sure you are using an Excel-file that looks exactly like the "Template"-file. With correct columnnames and sheetnames (see "THE MAKING OF A SETTINGS-FILE" in the help). If you are using Windows 9x, then you should probably download a new set of Data Access Components from Microsoft (the file: MDAC 2.71 SP1 or higher), found here.
A4b: Make sure you have placed your file(s) in the subfolder "\Data" in the program-folder for 720°Hold'em. For example: "C:\Program\720Hold'em\Data".

Q5: Does 720°Hold'em contain any spyware and/or spam software?
A5: Absolutely not!

Q6: If 720°Hold'em is so good, why are you selling it?
A6: Well, I see myself firstly as a programmer, secondly as a poker-player. I developed this program because I haven't found any programs on the market that as largely as 720°Hold'em direct itself to the online games. The only software that comes close is the "Paragon Poker Pal"-calculator and the "Poker Inspector", both are quite good at what they do (and the new Paragon Professional Edition is really good...). But, 720°Hold'em contains more answers to why you should do certain things, and it contains a lot more other information, textual & statistical, letting the user make up his own mind.

The answer to Q1 is also applicable to this question: most users probably want to customize their program so there will probably not be too many programs that behave in exactly the same manner. Also, different users interpret the information in different ways so there will still be a large variance in playing styles.

Q7: I'm not that good at poker, but I want to learn and I want to play online. Are there any good pokersites where I can get more information about the game?
A7: Check out the following sites, there you will find a lot of information.

Q8a: Do you have any plans for further development of 720°Hold'em?
Q8b: Are you planning to develop any more applications in the field of poker?

A8a: I am a bit into Artificial Intelligence. Poker has a number of attributes that make it an interesting domain for AI. These attributes include:
  • Multiple competing agents (more than two players),
  • Imperfect knowledge as the opponent hold hidden cards,
  • Risk management that involve different betting strategies and their consequences,
  • Agent modelling, allowing the player to identify patterns in the opponent strategy and exploring them,
  • Deception, which could be bluffing and dealing with unreliable information.
All of these attributes are challenging dimensions to a difficult problem that attracts the computing community (me included). There is actually an interesting project developed at the University of Alberta. It's called "Poki" and it is a relatively good player. You can find it
here. They also have a new project going called "PsOpti", which supposedly can give world-class players a real fight (head-to-head).
A8b: I have plans on developing an Omaha tool (720°Omaha).

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